General Essay Writing Guide for Beginners

General Essay Writing Guide for Beginners

Essay writing or curriculum writing is one of the major topics of a university student. An essay is a written document that analyzes the collected information to answer questions about a topic. College essay writing or writing for a university research paper differs slightly from a typical high school essay. Due to the complexity of the subjects and the amount of research, it can be a daunting task to write an essay in college or university.

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Determining the purpose of the paper

Research or an academic paper is written for a purpose, and the first step in writing an article is to identify the purpose of writing the essay.

Researching the topic

Generally, academic essays are based on a research question or topic on which a student is expected to write an essay. Therefore, choosing a topic you’re well aware of is imperative instead of the most popular one. In addition, your entire essay will be based on your paper for the following thousand words, so it is best to research and choose the right topic.

Organizing an approach

Once you research a particular topic, a student is expected to show organic research on the subject and outline a draft copy. Once professors approve the draft, they can move on to write in detail. The organization also involves dividing the paper into sections and subheadings related to the topic and generating a structure for your essay.

Gathering information

Once the outline for your essay is ready, you can start collecting more information on the topic using the library, newspapers, books, and the internet. Ensure to collect data from credible sources to include them in your citations. Pre-viewed journal articles are also a great source of information for writing academic research papers. You can also take inspiration from their structure and follow a similar one if it’s close to your topic.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement is the sole answer to the entire essay. Hence it is crucial to get this part written. The structure for answering the thesis state, coherent flow between paragraphs, tone, and language plays a vital role in this section. In universities and colleges, students are often marked based on their information in the thesis statement since they directly answer the research statements.

Research Paper

Writing conclusion

It is essential to exclude new information and contradict statements in the conclusion, as it might change the tone of the entire essay. A conclusion is the summary of the whole essay, and it is important to highlight key topics in this part.

Get external help

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