Click HERE to access the final SDC Participant List (including links to abstracts).


Click HERE to access the final SDC Program (updated November 5).


There are  over 500 presentations across 115 sessions in two days. Presenters must submit their presentation no later than November 7.  It is critical that we receive your submission in advance, so that we can ensure it opens without issue, and so that sessions can start on time.
1. Title your presentation (pdf, ppt, pptx) as follows: LastnameFirstname
2. Visit the participant list page:
3. Search for yourself in the participation list to find your session number (or use the program)
4. At the bottom of that page, find the “Presentation Upload Form” hyperlink. Or, click HERE.
5. In the form, locate your session number, and upload your file, titled as directed in step 1.
6. Bring a copy of your presentation on a USB

Oral presentations are 10-12 minutes.
Lightning talks are 5-6 minutes.

THANK YOU for minding your allotted time.

We suggest using 4:3 powerpoint slide size

Note: poster presenters need not submit their poster presentation

SUBMISSION OF FULL PAPERWorld Development Special Issue Submission: At this time, only those who present their paper at the SDC are invited to submit their paper for special issue consideration. Presenters can submit their paper via the main World Development submission portal (EES). Under submission type, please select “*Invitation Only* SI: S&DMEET2018”. The deadline for submission is now December 31, 2018.If you are interested in submitting your paper in order to share it with fellow conference participants, your paper will be available to other conference participants only via a password protected webpage. You can submit your paper HERE, by November 5, 2018.

World Development paper guidelines HERE.


REFUND POLICY: The refund period is now closed. Fees will go towards the financial assistance of students and scholars from lower income countries.

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